Making a Difference

"Welcome to our website. There is a lot of information, links, videos, etc. that will show you what we have been up to the last 29 years. It is amazing how the time flies and truly amazing what can be accomplished by simply staying consistent in what God calls you to do. We want to thank the wonderful people that have made this ministry possible; faithful partners and an awesome team here in Thailand. It has been quite a journey to this point and we all know the best is yet to come!"

Along with overseeing Abundant Life Children’s Homes which care for over 700 children, Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt pastor a local church, conduct a bible school and oversee an evangelism-church planting team which has planted and constructed 140 churches across the nation of Thailand. In recent years Occupational Development through coffee farming has been developed to provide livelihood for rural villagers. Great tasting Mai Thai Coffee is the result; giving hope to rural farmers and providing support to care for orphans and at risk children in Thailand.

September, 2015

As I write this letter, we are two days into a four day seminar with our pastors, evangelist, staff and students. Our facility is packed; we have 30 of our pastors housed at a nearby resort as we are at capacity. Guest speakers Paul Young, Craig Demo and Matt Parker are delivering great messages.

What A Difference Ten Years Can Make... Suwit, one of our District Leaders, made a comment that caught  my attention. In the ten years he has been in charge of his district, church membership has grown from 805 members to 4,210 members. In that same time frame our teams have built 21churches in his district accommodating the explosive growth. And that's only...

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Current Need:

Over 50 children At Our Home Are Without Sponsors...  Each one of them has a unique story that resulted in them being brought to Abundant Life Children's Home. Maybe you could add one of these children to your circle of love and provide the support necessary for us to give them a chance at life. You can sign up to sponsor a child here or send us an email at You can also call our office at 520-297-2235.