Making a Difference

"Welcome to our website. There is a lot of information, links, videos, etc. that will show you what we have been up to the last 29 years. It is amazing how the time flies and truly amazing what can be accomplished by simply staying consistent in what God calls you to do. We want to thank the wonderful people that have made this ministry possible; faithful partners and an awesome team here in Thailand. It has been quite a journey to this point and we all know the best is yet to come!"

Along with overseeing Abundant Life Children’s Homes which care for over 700 children, Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt pastor a local church, conduct a bible school and oversee an evangelism-church planting team which has planted and constructed 140 churches across the nation of Thailand. In recent years Occupational Development through coffee farming has been developed to provide livelihood for rural villagers. Great tasting Mai Thai Coffee is the result; giving hope to rural farmers and providing support to care for orphans and at risk children in Thailand.

May, 2015

We Are On A Roll... Our properties have been like a bee hive the past few weeks. It's a "Thai thing" as we just celebrated the Thai New Year in mid-April and May is the month when everything starts new; schools open nationwide, our bible school opens and projects are raced to be finished for the new terms to begin. May is the busiest month of the year for us.

Security Project Fully Funded... What a breakthrough! Still under construction, but when finished we will have over a mile and a half of walls surrounding our three properties with video surveillance at all locations providing a safe, secure environment where our children...

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Current Project:

Emergency at Ban Den... When the earthquake struck Nepal our well at Ban Den was damaged and rendered useless. Coincidence or caused by the earthquake, I don't know, but we have no choice other than drill a new well. Underground movement damaged our 6" bore which is over 200' deep. The submergible pump which brought the water up was also damaged and cannot be retrieved because of the shifting. Challenge...there is only one well drilling company authorized by the government to drill in this district. Wait time is 4-5 weeks and price is $9700. The children will be using water pumped from a pond for the next month or so. We need to have money in hand for the new well no later than June 10th. Thank you for considering a special gift to help.